Why choose care work?

Every day seems to bring more grim news regarding national unemployment with a growing list of big companies announcing closures and job losses. This is another dreadful effect of the coronavirus pandemic.

There are some sectors that are bucking this trend however and one of these is social care. There is one simple reason for this: throughout the pandemic the vulnerable have still required care. In the case of Affinity, we have continued to deliver our outstanding homecare and to do so safely during this challenging pandemic.

We have continued to bring on new carers to help our ever growing list of clients and are extremely proud to offer those new to care the chance to work in this rewarding, challenging and fulfilling sector.

So, if you’re one of the many thousands of people who have been made redundant and looking for a change in career, you might be wondering: why should I choose care work?

Firstly, job satisfaction. There are very few jobs where you can go home and know you have helped so many people. In the case of care, you help every client to live as independently as possible with dignity and respect. Without our help some of our clients could end up in long-term residential care and not at home where they want to remain. Our amazing clients are so appreciative of our carers and the work they do.

In the case of Affinity, we offer a great deal of flexibility. Every client is different and some require care in the day, evenings, nights or round-the-clock care. Therefore there is a schedule to fit almost everyone’s needs. We are proud to offer a schedule that is suitable for parents, students, night owls or early birds. Whether you're after a few hours to fit around other work commitments or full-time hours, Affinity is ideal.

Finally, the care sector offers career development and progression opportunities, like no other. Would you like to progress into senior roles? Then you can work towards senior carer and eventually registered manager. Would you like to use it as stepping stone on to other careers? Use the practical experience for nursing or social work. Would you like to remain out in the community delivering care? Undertake all the ongoing training and development we offer to become the best carer you can be.

With all these amazing reasons to become a carer with Affinity, why wouldn’t you?

Do you have questions about working in care? Are you interested but not sure you have what it takes for the role? Give us a call and let us tell you about our exciting opportunities and why Affinity Homecare Shrewsbury is perfect for you.