Switching your career - Retail and Hospitality

      • Switching your career - Retail and Hospitality

This year has made things so difficult for the retail and hospitality sector. With the Office for National Statistics reporting 370,000 redundancies in all UK industries in the 3 months prior to October. It was awful to see that it still isn't over Arcadia Group was hit next in November with 13,000 jobs put at risk and Debenhams in December with 12,000 at risk.

That means in the run up to Christmas there were at least 25,000 of you trying to decide what to do next with your careers. Some of you may be thinking that this has given you the push you needed as you were starting to get tired in your role or some of you may not feel going back into your role will be secure enough in the next year and you want to learn more skills while you have the opportunity.

Whatever the reason, have you considered working in care? 

Let's think about the things you would do in your current role, whether that be hospitality or retail, that would be transferable such as;

You will be used to handling money from your customers

Cleaning surface areas often - you are forever hoovering and dusting shelves in stores and wiping bar areas down

Completing laundry duties - you fold clothes in the shop or you make bed in hotels and wash hands

Not to mention that you be used to constantly being on your feet and on the move

In hospitality you may help cook and prep food, serve drinks and remove dirty plates.

Most importantly you will be well experienced in maintaining a happy customer service face and used to being at the forefront for your company helping your customers constantly.

Being a care worker requires domestic duties and customer service skills which you can see from the above you will already have.

What are the reasons people join care?

When I sit to start an interview I first ask each candidate why are you looking, what is it that draws you to this type of work? The blow are the main responses I get;

  • I hope to feel like I have done something worthwhile at the end of each day, I want to say to myself that I have made a difference today.

  • I want more variety in my role. I like the idea of having many things to do in one call alone.
  • I would like to be around more people on a daily basis. It will be good to work closely with other team members and get to know each client over time, you don’t get the chance in other customer facing roles.
  • I like the idea of working in different work settings. Going into clients' different homes adds to the variety of the role. 

Did you hear about Soraya the Retail Worker who made the jump to Healthcare just before the Global Pandemic, she was so pleased to make that decisions see her story in the link below.



Working in community care can be a very rewarding role. It is a role that keeps you busy during a time where we are very restricted. You can be trained to be a carer but caring and compassion you will already be, you will have likely considered a role in care many times in the past already if you are naturally empathetic.

Your previous roles would have already given you the required customer service skills of a good listener and fast paced problem solver.

It is a chance to work on the frontline for our community so make the right career choice for you NOW