Quick Hi Bye - We are back

Its been a while since we’ve posted on our blog and oh my what a whirlwind of a year it has been with lockdown taking hold in March and to just be put back into one, Affinity hasn’t had time to put on the breaks like the rest of those in the care industry, we have kept calm and carried on caring. We would just like to say a BIG thank you to our carers for doing so well during these uncertain times they really are amazing. 

It was lovely to see some of our care staff enjoying the recent celebrations such a bonfire night and remembrance Sunday. Below are some halloween pics of some of Affinity’s friends and family having fun at home!


Let’s talk Business

We have had some new faces join the team recently. Di has joined us as an office Administrator and has been with us for two months now. Then there is me! Andrea the new Recruitment and Marketing Officer. I haven’t been with the company very long at all but I am looking forward to providing monthly updates on our website and keeping in touch with you.

Our Director Karen was in an editorial for Shropshire Magazine, was exciting to read when it came out. The piece focused on what live in care was all about and how we are always looking to create dedicated teams to support our clients within their homes 24/7, go to our facebook page to see more on the editorial.

We recently had our local authority contact us to say that they advise all carers have two weekly covid tests so we are helping coordinate this with any of our carers who wish to do this, this is great way to put our carers minds at ease while working in the community and good to see the government are able to open more test centres in our area. 

Also we are getting ready for the Winter months, we are already facing difficult times with Covid restrictions and we may be in for a harsh Winter according to some weather experts. So we are working hard to ensure staff are remaining safe with plenty of PPE and supporting them to stay healthy during the cold months. If you know of anyone who is interested in working as a carer or is already a talented carer and they are a driver and willing to navigate Winter roads in the shropshire area then let us know. I would just like to add here that if you are reading this and you have been made redundant or on furlough for the foreseeable and you rare thinking what can I do right now, have you ever wondered if working in care is for you? You will not get another opportunity like this a moment to sit back and decide what you are truly passionate about. So go out there and get it!