How Affinity is playing our part as the lock down is lifted

The last few months have been unprecedented. In these difficult times, everyone has had to make sacrifices and huge changes to their normal daily life. 

All those who can work from home have been encouraged to do so and limits for all but essential travel have been in place to curb unnecessary trips. As our carers are key workers, they have been out delivering quality care in the community safely through the use of PPE (such as face mask, face shields and gloves) and good hygiene practices (regular hand washing and using hand sanitiser). We have also provided carers with cloth face masks which they can use in their personal time when they are out shopping for essentials.

We have taken steps to ensure that our office staff can also work safely and that we as a company are limiting non-essential travel. Firstly, we have moved as many of our systems online as possible. Where normally a carer may need to come to the office to drop off some paperwork, now they can submit this securely digitally; or if they need to collect some PPE, we have now put in place a safe, no-contact way of collection. Our office staff are also doing their part by staggering work times, not sharing office equipment and maintaining social distancing guidelines at all times.

With as many of our systems online as possible, some of our office staff also worked at home as the guidelines instructed. We have been conducting video interviews and moved a large portion of our training to an online platform. 

One of our office staff members who was working at home for a significant amount of time was Sam, the Recruitment & Social Media Officer. If you’re still working at home, here are Sam’s top tips for remaining upbeat and productive:

Routine - stick to as much of your daily routine as possible: wake up at your regular times, have lunch at the same time as you normally would.

Workspace - create a dedicated workspace with as few distractions as possible. Try not to work in a bedroom or living room which you use to relax.

Keep in contact with colleagues and managers - have regular phone calls to catch up. These will make you feel less isolated and still part of the team.

Breaks and fresh air - stick to your routine of taking breaks and getting regular fresh air.

Work with a window open - when the weather is nice, work with a window open.

Affinity Homecare Shrewsbury is proud to be doing our part in keeping our staff and the community safe.

Thank you to all those who are out on the front line.