February Floods

Not even the floods can dampen Affinity carers’ spirits!

Shropshire hasn’t yet recovered from the recent storms and unprecedented rainfall over the last few weeks which resulted in the worst flooding seen in the county for 20 years. It is forecast that even more is on the way.

Yet even this has not dampened the spirits of our amazing carers who have braved the elements and ventured out into the community to ensure our clients are safe and have received outstanding care. Paths blocked by fallen trees, flooded roads and soggy footwear are no match for our indomitable carers.

We are proud that our carers have themselves remained safe and demonstrated an amazing understanding of the dangers the recent weather can pose. Flooding can be dangerous in many ways but is also very hazardous to vulnerable members of the community due to contamination and infection. Our fantastic carers have made sure that our clients and themselves are not put in harm’s way.

A massive thank you to our amazing team for this achievement, to date we have not had to cancel any care calls. 

We urge everyone, even if you don’t think you’re at risk of flooding, to familiarise yourself with the guidance issued by local authorities and the Environment Agency. Be sure to check if you are prepared! A great deal of useful information can be found here: https://flood-warning-information.service.gov.uk/warnings

Everyone at Affinity wants to thank all those in the various agencies keeping us safe and we are wishing all those affected by the flooding in Shropshire and beyond a quick recovery.